Ohio Casino Initiative is Certified by State Attorney General

On Thursday, December 20, the Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann certified the language for the initiative to place the one $600,000,000 resort/casino in Ohio on the November 4, 2008, ballot. On Friday, December 21, The Ohio Ballot Board, under the leadership of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, certified that the language in the initiative reflects one issue.

This allows the team from MyOhioNow.com the opportunity to begin the collection of 402, 275 signatures that are needed to place the issue on the ballot.

Dr. Bradford Pressman, co-founder of MyOhioNow.com said, “We strongly believe that we are finally presenting a casino issue that makes sense for Ohio. With 37 states and every state surrounding us that already have casinos, with Kentucky most likely starting next year, it is a proposal that will resonate with voters.

“Our plan to share the wealth evenly and fairly to all 88 counties has been accepted statewide as an important tool to increase the tax revenues to the entire state that allows the local county to decide how best to spend these dollars on lowering taxes, helping senior citizens, schools, road improvements and so much more.”

Rick Lertzman, co-founder of MyOhioNow.com remarked, “We appreciate the diligence and work of both the Ohio Attorney General Dann and Secretary of State Brunner and their staffs to ensure that the ballot language that we have proposed is a ‘fair and truthful statement of the measure to be proposed’ and that it fairly reflects one issue.

“This is just one more step in a long road to seeking the voter’s approval at the ballot box. We believe that our proposal, in which we are going to employ up to 5000 jobs, with a possible return of over $200,000,000 to the state as taxes, and enhance other Ohio business, is important to our state.”

Under the MyOhioNow plan, a $600,000,000 destination casino/resort would employ up to 5,000 Ohioans and could generate over $200,000,000 in tax revenues that would be divided among the 88 Ohio counties on a per capita basis.