Ohio Casino Petition Drive Begins

The initiative petition drive for the one casino in Ohio will begin statewide on Friday, January 4, 2008. Ohioans will be circulating the petition throughout the state, looking to eventually collect more than the minimum number of signatures (402,225) needed to place the issue on the ballot on November 4, 2008.

The language of the initiative seeks to create a $600,000,000 casino/resort destination complex that is centrally located in Ohio. The language for the initiative was certified by the Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann on December 20th as “a fair and truthful statement of the measure to be proposed” and was certified on December 21st, by the Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, as one issue.

“This is an exciting time for both MyOhioNow.com and Ohio. We will have a great team of individuals collecting signatures statewide beginning on Friday. This is also an economic opportunity for Ohio residents statewide who want to join our group to collect signatures for the petition. Ohio residents can call our offices (1 800 285 1276) to apply to become part of our team and be paid for their effort. We will have offices statewide to help in this effort,” said Rick Lertzman of MyOhioNow.com

The MyOhioNow online casino plan guarantees of $600,000,000 destination casino/resort that would employ nearly 5000 Ohioans and generate approximately $200,000,000 in tax revenues that would be divided among the 88 Ohio counties on a per capita basis.

Mayor Moving Quickly on Bringing Casino Gambling To Fort Wayne

When a politician wins office, usually there is a transition period when they ease into their new job. That has not been the case for new Fort Wayne, Indiana Mayor Tom Henry.

Henry has made bringing casino gambling to downtown Fort Wayne a priority. He has only been in office for four days. Already, he has stirred up the gambling talk for the area.

Last month, State Senator Robert Meeks ruled it would be O.K. for a move away from Lake Michigan, that ruling came in response to the owner of Majestic Star casinos wanting to move one of his licenses.

Now, efforts are being made as to where the casino should move to. The state legislature and local residents of the new location would both have to approve the move.

Fort Wayne would be a good fit for the casino, according to Henry. he claims the increased revenue and jobs would help the economy in the area. Others believe there is a risk involved with putting a casino in Fort Wayne.

Henry has already put the wheels in motion for the move. He has spoken with the owner of Majestic Star, and also to Senator Meeks about the move. He feels strongly that downtown Fort Wayne would be a better site for the casino to move than to Angola, the other potential site.