Ohio Casino Petition Submitted For November 2008 Ballot

(Columbus, Ohio) MyOhioNow.com will today submit a revised initiative to the Ohio Attorney General that reflects the one issue as determined by the Ohio Ballot Board on December 5th. The initiative is to allow one $600,000,000 resort/casino in Ohio.

The submittal of the casino initiative petition, with 2425 signatures, amazingly occurs only six days following last week’s Ballot Board’s determination. MyOhioNow.com has eliminated the verbiage regarding the liquor license and specific gaming commission wording from the initiative, which makes it consistent with the ruling that focuses on the one issue for the main proposal.

The process now is to have the language certified by the Ohio Attorney General and for the Ballot Board to decide that the initiative reflects one issue.

Rick Lertzman, co-founder of MyOhioNow.com remarked, “We have both revised the initiative and collected 2425 signatures to resubmit the petition in less than one week after the Ballot Board determinations. Our intent is to clearly demonstrate how strongly we believe that this is an issue that must be put before the voters on November 4th, 2008.

“This is just one more step,” Lertzman said, “in a long road to seeking the voter’s approval at the ballot box. We believe that our proposal, in which we are going to employ up to 5000 jobs, with a possible return of over $200,000,000 to the state as taxes, and enhance other Ohio business, is important to our state. “We will continue to follow the process and move forward. Our group is excited for the next step, which is to collect the signatures needed to place this on the ballot.”

Dr. Bradford Pressman, co-founder of MyOhioNow.com said, “This represents an unprecedented turnaround for the revision and submission of an initiative. We are encouraged that our team was met with great acceptance as we collected over 2300 signatures in the Columbus area in just the past weekend. With this submission to the Ohio Attorney General, that includes every recommendation of both the AG and the Ballot Board, we do not anticipate any further roadblocks,” Pressman said. “We will not be deterred or slowed in this process. Our response was immediate, and every attempt was made to resolve this without any further delay. This issue, which is quite important to Ohio, needs to be put before the voters. We are quite truculent in our efforts.”

The next step for the group sponsoring this initiative, MyOhioNow.com, is to collect the necessary 402,275 signatures by next August (2008) to place the issue on the November 4, 2008, statewide ballot.

Under the initiative, Ohioans would have the opportunity to vote to legalize a $600,000,000 casino/resort destination site that is located off I-71 (at State Route 73) that is centrally located between the Columbus/Cincinnati/Dayton areas in Clinton County.