Oneida Indian Nation Allowed Liquor at New York Casino

In New York, the Oneida Indian Nation runs their Turning Stone Casino and Resort in an area near Syracuse. The tribe was trying to get a liquor license from the state for their new club, Lava.

Their request for the license was turned down by the state. That decision made the tribe ponder different options to get liquor into the club. They have delayed the opening of the club until something could be figured out.

Now they have come up with a way around not having the liquor license. They have turned their club into a private members only club. That change allows for the club to bring in private caterers that will be allowed to serve alcohol.

The caterer will be allowed to serve the alcohol only on Friday and Saturday nights. They also can only sell to private parties. since they turned the club into a members only place, all of their parties will be private.

The Oneidas had to come up with a solution to be able to serve alcohol. They have invested $12 million in the building of the nightclub located at Turning Stone.

Bingo Hall in Minnesota Looking For Revival With Electronic Machines

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Bingo used to be as popular as poker is today. People would gather in hundreds to play the game. Now, though, less and less people are playing the game for a variety of reasons.

In Rochester, Minnesota, there is a bingo hall that has been around for a long time. Flamingo Bingo has seen people play the game at the top of its popularity. The bingo hall has also seen the dramatic decline in recent years.

Now, owners of the hall feel they have found a way to make bingo popular again. This month, they are moving to electronic bingo. The game is much more fast paced than regular bingo. The hope is that it catches on with the younger generation.

People can play many more cards with the electronic bingo than they used to be able to play. The device they will use will track numbers for them, even alert them when they have a bingo.

The fun has not completely been removed from the game. Players will still have to yell BINGO to be a winner. The price of the game at the bingo hall will remain the same.

“We’re hoping it will attract the younger crowd. A lot of people have seen bingo at church functions, but this is a lot different,” said Ray Zeman, the manager at Flamingo Bingo.

Bingo has been on the decline in recent years, mainly due to the legalization of casino gambling in many states.