Onex Corp. Prepared To Move Into American Casino Industry

Onex Corp. has decided that the growth of casino gambling in the United States is such, that they should get in on the action. They have partnered with a former MGM president, an are ready to make their move into the market.

Tropicana Entertainment LLC. has been struggling for some time now, even filing for bankruptcy. The company is in dire need of someone to come in and save them, and Onex just might be the right fit.

While Onex is looking to make a splash in the industry, they have not limited their sites to only Las Vegas. Many states are in the process of expanding casino gambling, and most of them would be suitable for Onex.

“I wouldn’t say Vegas necessarily, but we’re looking at gaming properties. It’s a stable business. you clearly have to be in the right parts of it. But all the statistics on gaming show it’s been a modestly growing, too fast-growing, business for thirty years or more,” said Gerald Schwartz of Onex.

The company has partnered with someone who knows a thing or two about casino gambling. Alex Yemenidjian, who was once president of MGM Grande, will be right there with Onex every step of the way.

“Alex clearly has an excellent view of the playing field and the players,” said industry analyst, Jeffrey Logsdon. The group will be moving rather quickly to make their move into the market.

American Idol Betting Odds: David Cook Now The Favorite

American Idol only has two weeks left. what started last year at auditions around the world, will end next week in California, with a new American Idol.

The gambling odds so far this year have had David Archuleta as the overwhelming favorite for the majority of the year. As the season wore on, he slowly was being caught by David Cook.

Now, with only two weeks, Cook has emerged as the new gambling favorite. Archuleta has remained steady throughout the performances, but Cook has gained momentum in the past few weeks.

Anyone wanting to place a bet on Cook to win will have to lay $155 to win $100. That makes him a big favorite. Archuleta gamblers will lay $100 to win $140, still favorite odds.

There is still another competitor in the competition, but she is not getting much respect from sportsbooks. Syesha Mercado is still a 20-1 long shot to win, even with a couple strong weeks in a row.

Mercado will need to dazzle viewers with her performances on Tuesday night if she has any chance to make it to the finals. Cook and Archuleta will be aiming to just keep up the performances they have been giving since the season started.